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Andreas Thies

I am passionate about technology. As an early digital native, I wrote my first lines of code in Omicron BASIC on an Atari ST. I completed my computer science studies with an A grade and earned my doctorate with distinction.

Today I am enthusiastic about digitalization. I worked in different IT positions in tech and non-tech companies and have accelerated growth and digitization in various fields, from webshop applications to warehouse logistics. I am currently CTO at collana IT , a fast-growing provider for digital business solutions.


Photo of Andreas Thies giving a lecture


I enjoyed to research and teach. While I mainly taught the basics of software engineering, my research focused on refactoring tools, a more specialized sub-area of software engineering. The results were presented at international reputable conferences and published in conference proceedings and journals. An overview of my publications can be found on ORCID . I assume to have an Erdős number of 5.


I was delighted to receive academic awards for my research.

Photo of Andreas Thies receiving an award

Doctorate with distinction

Förderpreis für herausragende Promotionen an der FernUniversität in Hagen.

Photo of Eric Bodden and Andreas Thies at the ISSTA 2012 Conference, Minneapolis, MN

Distinguished Conference Paper

ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award, ISSTA 2012, Minneapolis, MN in co-authorship with Eric Bodden.


I have a passion for photography. My selection given here is less based on technical precision than on a personal love for the motif or the mood.

  • Nature
  • Architecture
  • Seaside
  • Other
Schützenfest Marsberg, 2016
Tidal Island of Neuwerk, 2016
Tidal Island of Neuwerk, 2017
Hotel Stadt Rosenheim, München, 2011
The British Museum, London, 2011
European robin, Schenefeld, 2021
Malá Úpa, Czech Republic, 2019
Altes Land, 2018
Northern Sea near Schlüttsiel, 2015
Island of Hooge, 2015
Tidal Island of Neuwerk, 2017
Schloss Bothmer, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, 2019
Makro study, 2015
Inside European XFEL (Schenefeld), 2015
Portugal, 2018
Port of Hamburg, 2019
Gin Tonic, 2021
Pacific walrus, Tierpark Hagenbeck, 2015

Creative Builds

I admit it. I (still) play with LEGOs. Besides being a nice, relaxing and creative hobby I consider it a great way to make kids familiar with programming.

I especially recommend the LEGO Boost programmable robotic set . It comes with three electric motors (which can also be used to record movements), a color sensor and enough individual parts to create every machine imaginable. LEGO provides building instructions for five models. Those, who find it difficult to invent or program more models themselves, can easily find further instructions, such as in the book by Björn Bundschuh that I recommend.

  • Self-designed Lego plotter
Self-designed Lego plotter (video)
Self-designed Lego plotter (1/2)
Self-designed Lego plotter (2/2)



Hamburg, Germany

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